Sharon Joy

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  • Blue/green shift GLITTER
  • 2 OZ By weight 

 Sharon Joy is my grandmothers name. She isn’t just my grandma, she is my best friend, my strength and my joy. She drove from Michigan to Indiana in the middle of the night with my grandpa to pick me and my brother up from a babysitter. We lived with them for the next 6 years. She had already raised 5 girls but didn’t even ask questions, she showed up every time we needed her. She was funny, sassy, strong willed and loved me so hard. I never felt alone with her on my side. She left us and went home to Jesus September 4th 2019. My heart hasn’t beat the same since that day. I miss her voice, her laugh and how soft her skin was. I miss how it felt to be given unconditional love from her. She always listened and gave me strength.