Sandra Lynn

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My mom Sandra Lynn. My mom is my best friend. She owns a small automotive and hardware store in her small town. She has taught me to never give up. The town she lives in is very small. Sometimes she barely makes enough money to cover the bills of her business, however it is the only store within 25 miles either way so she continues striving to keep her business afloat. She tries to carry every item that some of the elderly in her town needs. Some of them don't even have people checking on them. And since most of them don't get paid but once a month she allows them to put stuff on a ticket until their payday. Between her and my step dad there are 7 kids and never once did we have to do without. She worked her hardest to be able to provide for all of us. She has also taught me family is everything and we shouldnt take things for granted. My mom lost her youngest sister last year to lou Gehrigs disease. My Aunt lived in Indiana and we live in Mississippi. My mom feels really guilty that she didn't get to see her sister or spend time with her a lot since we live so far away. To help cope with her losing her sister she made a little memorial site in her yard so she can go out there and talk to her. She keeps pushing on. That's only one reason I admire my mom. There's plenty more.