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Olubunmi is my amazing mother. Her name in our Yoruba language means “gift of God” and that is exactly what she is. This woman is incredible in every way possible. She is genuinely kind and forgiving in ways the world doesn’t even deserve. This woman would give anyone food off her plate, even someone who has previously stolen from her. I sometimes get mad at how she’s still so empathetic to people who have done her wrong. But honestly, that’s how we should be as humans. I aspire to be as gracious. On top of that, she is one of the most hardworking people I know, even as she is aging. Her love language is acts of service and she has dedicated her life to servicing others. She’s the prime jewel of her children and grandchildren. I would love this to honor her.

(Pink is her favorite color if you happen to have an unnamed pink glitter.)