Melanie Stoneburner

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Melanie Stoneburner is my grandma. She is a strong, stubborn and driven woman! When she met my grandpa she didn’t even think twice when he asked her to join him on cross country truck driving. They took turns driving, and went all over the United States. They had a horrible accident which ended their truck driving journey and left my grandpa unable to work. My grandma didn’t skip a beat and found work. Although it required her to stand for 10+ hours working on her feet non stop in a warehouse, even when it was -9 in there! She never complained and worked her butt off every day. My grandpa passed and my grandma found herself having to learn to live life without the love of her life by her side. She perseveres every day and makes it look easy, when really we know it’s something we wish to never experience.

Her favorite color is Teal