Leanne Nelson

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  • SIZE 1/128
  • 2 OZ BAG

Leanne Nelson is my sister. The special kind of sister that god granted me with later in life to have to grow with. The sister that chooses to be your sister. Some may say she’s a step sister but she’s truly an amazing person and there for me and loves me and my kids like her own and I call her my sister. Life hasn’t always been easy for her but she never let that stop her. She has raised my 2 nieces and 1 nephew on her own, supported them through sports and still is. She helped her dad and brought him to her home when he truly needed her. She lost him this year and didn’t get her proper goodbyes thanks to all the covid protocols everywhere. She has continued to keep her strength. Seeing her be able to raise those 3 kids, have a house and be successful is so inspiring. Being a mom is no easy task, being a single mom is even harder but she makes it look so easy. Seeing her concur struggles and coming out the other side is something many could admire and learn from.

Her favorite color is black